Mark Allen Storch knows all about drastic changes.

Mark Allen Storch’s family moved to the Atlanta area back in 1955. At that time, the old-time Democrats (personified by the likes of Lester Maddox) were doing everything in their power to hold on to power. They were going up against more progressive Democrats such as Carl Sanders and Jimmy Carter. The entire political landscape was on the verge of undergoing some incredible changes.

The actual landscape has also seen some truly impressive changes. “I remember when 10th Street to 14th Street above Tech was where the hippies hung out,” Mark Allen Storch recalls. “I also remember driving down to Underground from Dunwoody with a couple of friends to go to Ruby Red’s Warehouse (for Dixieland jazz), the Pumphouse (for live rock), and P. J. Kenney’s (to listen to bluegrass and country).”

One thing about Mark has not changed, however — his desire to help out those less fortunate.

Many people claim to care about those in need. Mark backs up his feelings with actions. Due to his strong religious convictions, he set up a scholarship program to give assistance to individuals who are not as fortunate as he is. Rather than simply write out a check and head home to warmth and comfort, Mark also donates his time. “I find it especially important around the holidays,” Mark says. “It’s that time of year when the need is greatest.”

When asked why he goes that extra mile, he simply says, “I just want to help give back to this city and the people who have given so much to me.

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