Greece Lift Wall Street

wall streetThe value of stock in united state goes up on Monday because of investor are welcome the news from Europe about the new development in the discussion which is used to postpone the potency of default destabilization (default) by Greece.

Dow Jons Industrial Average rises up 110.12 point (0, 92 percent) and becomes 12.044,70 at the close of trading.

The index of S&P 500 goes up 11.73 point (0, 92 percent) and becomes 1.280,18, as for the index of Nasdag composite technology jump up 35, 50 point (1, 34 percent) and becomes 2.688,39.

This kind of upsurge is happened in the middle of the report that the bank’s official and Europe Union have moved closer to the their plan which is bank will roll over more than half of the money which accepted from Greece obligation to 30 years new obligation. This kind of thing is intended to give more space to this country of god to overcome the fiscal crisis.

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