Lifestyle Makes Women Barren?

women lifestyleLifestyle, like smoking, uncertain working routine, and other disturbances that relate with lifestyle, can cause infertility (barrenness) to women. That is the opinion from gynecologists in All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) in New Delhi, India.

“Women nowadays tend to switch to faster lifestyle. Stress influences the menstruation cycle and hormone growth that cause infertility,” said Abha Majumdar, the president of Human Invitro Fertilization Center (IVF) and Human Reproduction in Sir Ganga Ram hospital.

Late Marriage, especially after the age of 30, said Majumdar, is the main reason on fertility cases. “Almost 6-8 percent of couples nowadays already influenced by infertility,” he said.

“Infertility doesn’t consider as disease that can threat people’s life,” said Suneeta Mittal, the head of obstetrics lead agency department and gynecology department on the third year IVF unit in AIIMS.

“The social impact, like not having children can be found more in India. In Western countries, IVF concept is being used widely.”

The technique that used in IVF involves cleaning or harvesting the ovum from a woman body and fertilizes it on the laboratory. After that, the woman will be given hormone medicine to prepare the uterus in order to accept fertilized ovum. Then, it will be placed back to the uterus.

“Several couples have misunderstanding on infertility. So they try to find the solution from shamans. The point is after we developed it, we should be dedicated along with IVF unit for our country, so why don’t we make it popular?” said Majumdar.

The symposium was attended by more than 100 national and international experts that talked about the latest technique on prevention, diagnosis, and early management of infertility, like Assisted Reproduction Technology (ART). Right now, more than 1.900 couples already signed up for IVF in AIIMS.

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  1. Hi, I am a big and chubby woman which made me think I am barren and infertile. Miraculously, I become pregnant and gave birth at the age of 38. It’s not done scientifically but holistically. It means prayer, belief, faith and one thing that I can not tell because it’s something rated.

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