Formula to Lose Your Cholesterol

cholesterolYou should not let your cholesterol make you in dangerous condition. People try all ways to less their weight but some people can not less their weight in easy way. They need to decrease their food portion and they should do exercises. It will help you in decreasing your cholesterol. There are some ways to decrease your cholesterol.

- Lemon Juice. It is good for you because it contains of vitamin C. Vitamin C can decrease your weight in 30 days regular consumption.
- Grape Juice or wine that is containing of anti-oxidant that can increase HDL. By consuming grape Juice in 14 days will be good to lose your fats.
- Soya Beans Milk will be goo in decrease your fats
- Onion Juice can decrease your fats. Onion will decrease 10% of bad cholesterol in your body. You need to consume it in 4 months.

You will able to decrease your cholesterol by consuming onion. If you don’t like in the smell and the taste of onion, you can create onion with other fruit and vegetables. Cholesterol is bad for your body. It can increase the risk of dying in people’s life. It is better to consume all good food and juices above.

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