Improving Your Knowledge about Cancer

CancerUpon hearing the verdict of cancer, many people seemed to hear the death knell. Cancer is the disease whivh is claimed as the most superior in killing age because the abnormal cells that grow out of control can be spread throughout the body and damage the normal cells around them.
Currently there are at least about 200 types of cancer. However, the characteristics of all cancers are the same, namely the growth and spread of the abnormal cells which is uncontrolled. Why cancer can develop in a person and not on others, it is not yet fully known.

The researchers speculate, 5-10 percent of cancers may be inherited. That is, the disease is inherited by one generation to the next generation through genes that are not normal. However, in most cases, the cancer develops through a complex series of steps that often include excessive exposure due to carcinogens (cancer causing substances), such as tobacco or the sun.
Carcinogen is believed in causing the formation of free radicals, which can damage the strands of DNA molecules which is carrying information on how to reproduce. Once there is DNA damage, cancer cells can be formed.
Therefore, one way to prevent cancer is reducing the exposure to anything that stimulates the formation of free radicals, including fat-rich foods, tobacco, and alcohol.
Cancer can be developed in several forms, namely:

This is a cancer that come from the outside or within the body surface, such as skin cancer and colon cancer.

Sarcoma is cancer that develops in the supporting tissues of the body, such as bone and muscle.

Cancer called lymphoma when it comes from the lymph glands or lymph nodes and the immune system.

Leukemia derived from marrow bones
Leukemia derived from bone marrow and present in the bloodstream.

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