What you need to know when buying a computer

computerNow days computer has become the main need that should be fulfilled because without this thing you can’t make lots of thing that you need to do like assignment for your study or even your work. There are lots of kind of computer that can be choose and all of them could be choose based on the need of every people.

For example if you type of a mobile person you can choose laptop or notebook to be your choice due to it’s flexibility, but there’s something that you know before chose a notebook or laptop. Notebook has it’s benefits like handy size, flexible to bring anywhere but the lack is you can have heavy programs that could help you with designing or something.
Laptop is the middle choice, now days you can have lots of light laptop with great size and specification that’s why people are start to leave PCs and choose laptop as the first choice.

The PC is always the perfect choice because you can’t start to editing or store lots of program in a note book or laptop especially when you type of person who like a PC games, the mobile can’t handle your need for the excitement entertainment in your house.

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