Sacrificing the Health for the Wealth

In everyday life, we often see people are working hard to get some money to make a living and be happy. They work hard to achieve success that they define by having lots of money. The assumption is not wrong, but it is also not true because success is not all about money.

It is useless for someone to have lots of money but they are lying at the hospital suffering from many diseases. Then person who enjoy his luxurious car is his driver, people who enjoy his big house is his housemaids, and people who enjoy his beautiful garden is his gardeners. While his wife and children are busy working or study in other country. Everyone does not want to have that kind of life, but without people realizing it, they are often working to get the wealth and sacrificing their health. They work over time and forget to sleep and eat, even they ignore the valuable time with the families. After, they get all money he pursued; the health and family which is the most important thing in his life are gone.

We must know that life needs balance. We need money, then we must work hard, but we also have the body which is very expensive so we must take care of it well. Give our body proper treatment and care so it can support our daily activities. Moreover, we also need support and love from the people around us, so always make the best of time to socialize and have fun with people around us. Those are the basics of true happiness.

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