Avoiding Medicines for Health

Health is the most important thing that we must maintain in our life. Imagine how much money that you will have to pay if you had some problems with your health. But that is not the only reason. Although the medicines were especially designed to heath some health diseases, consuming some medicines in some long certain periods will have some negative impacts to the body. That is why; we should maintain the health as perfect as possible.

But no matter how hard we tried, sometimes we got ill. That is the time we must take some medicines. Do we really have to take the medicine? Actually, if it was possible, it will be better for us to stay away from the medicines. Here are some facts that usually happened to some people that often took some medicines for some certain reasons.

After some periods, the same medicine cannot work at them anymore. They must increase the dosage to make sure that it will impact them. But, increasing the dosage might also have some terrible impacts too. First, you might get overdose, and it might be fatal. Second, your kidney will have to digest the high dosage of medicines for long time. It will impact the kidney’s health. Those are some examples of medicine over usages.

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  1. “Health is the most important thing that we must maintain in our life..”. It’s the Keyword of this post.. Let’s Keep Our Healthty.. Thanks friends, Nais Inpoh :D

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