Holy Water Make Stomach Pain.

More than 100 Orthodox, Russian, had rushed to the hospital after drinking the holy water in the celebration of the Feast of Epiphany in the city of Irkutsk, eastern Russia.

A spokesman for local investigators told the Associated Press, Monday (25/1/2010), that 117 people, including 48 of the children, was taken to hospital with complaints of acute intestinal pain after drinking water from wells near a local church the week ago. Vladimir Salovarov say, as many as 204 people asked for medical help, but not all of them referred to the hospital. Salovarov says, is still too early to say what has caused residents to complain of pain intestine.

Many people believe that the water provided to the celebration of Epiphany, which they celebrated on January 19, is a holy water. The water is usually in the form of bottled water for consumption later. Tap water in Russia is generally not able to drink.

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