News : World-class climbers killed by snow storms in montana

climbersAn ice mountain climber, Guy Lacelle died due to the snow storm in the mountains in montana. climber from Canada was the unfortunate, when one team on top of it caused a small storm, said Doug Chabot, director of the Gallatin National Forest avalanche center.

“a small chunk of snow swept him,” said ghabot. “chunks of snow had hit and knocked from under the ice cliff.

More than 20 rescue personnel, deployed to haylite canyon, to retrieve his body. deputy chief business officer and the post mortem springer said, lacelle 54-year-old died of a fall from the cliff.

He was known for his successful climb some mountains of ice and won the competition at the Ouray Ice, colo 200 and 2001 years, as well as in festiglace competition quebek year 2004.

John Irvine, sports marketing manager for the company arc’teryx climbing equipment, called lacelle as “ice climbers fantastic”.

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