News : Dimitar Berbatov terrorized by the mafia

news,dimitar berbatov,football,mafiaThe terror of abduction again experienced Dimitar Berbatov (28). some time ago, a member of the mafia in Bulgaria called mother Berbatov, Margarita. he said, would snatch Berbatov’s wife, Elena (31), and his newborn baby in the past October 15, Dea, if the Manchester United striker from Bulgaria is not willing to pay 500 thousand pounds.

“Dimitar is still very worried about his family. he even promised to give money to the neighbors if they see or hear anything suspicious around his home,” said one relative of Berbatov.

well, not for the first time Berbatov against terror abductions. when only 18 years old, exactly when is still playing in CSKA sofia, football player who is also good at playing basketball had been kidnapped and forced to move to the club Levski kjustendil. fortunately the father, ivan, stepped in and immediately freed Berbatov from his kidnappers.

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