Health : Eye Surgery

Health - Eye SurgerySharron “Kay” Thronton, 60, had lost his eyesight in 2000, due to Stevens Johnson syndrome, a rare disease that hurts the eye cornea.

But now, Kay could see again, after the doctors do teeth implants into his eyes. teeth are used as a base to put a small plastic lens, Victor Perez explained, from the Bascom Palmer Eye Institute, University of Miami.

The actual procedure is not uncommon anymore in italy, it was first run in the United States. operation that was made alternative for patients whose bodies reject the transplant or artificial cornea is made with extract, scraped and carved canines or “eyetooth” patients, complete with surrounding bones, as well as surface drilling in order to enter the cylinder optical lens.

the tooth surface and then buried under the patient’s cheek or shoulder for two months, then “moved” and planted carefully in the center of the eye.

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