Technology : Sophisticated Toilet

technology Sophisticated ToiletToto, leading companies from Japan to equipment bathroom, introduced its newest product. latest product, the Neorest 600, a sophisticated toilet seat that can wash over the wearer defecate, reportedly sold for $ 5,000.

what’s so special to be appreciated so expensive?, it is done automatically operation and equipped with a remote control. spray of water for washing can be set large and small, including water temperature, and the desired position. Another advantage of this neorest 600, can open the toilet lid automatically. if you want to use, this toilet seat will warm himself,

so it is comfortable when we sit on it. most importantly, very efficient use of water because it uses vortex technology for flushing feces.

defecation with neorest 600, no need to wet hands to wash, do not need toilet paper. automated and comfortable, sophisticated!.

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