News : Syndicate suppliers organs still fertile

news - syndicate organEleven suppliers of illegal human organs were arrested, while trying to market their “wares” to Egypt. three other suspects have also been interrogated. Unfortunately, seven escaped, and was still in the hunt, according to an official authority to jordan.

the suspects are handed over by the Egyptian authorities are believed to be involved in syndicated targeting the poor of the kingdom country. mode there are two, can by paying people who are still alive to ‘donate’ organs, could also by taking organs from people who have died. these organs are then sold on the black market, costing approximately $ 30,000.

although in the year 2007, the government has approved jordan national commission to promote organ donation, to eliminating the practice of organ trafficking is rampant in jordan, but this new case to prove that the syndicate is still there organ suppliers, and continue to practice until now.

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