Health : Antioxidant pills not always useful

health-antioxidantIf you want to prevent heart disease or diabetic, you should increase the intake of foods with antioxidants, instead anti-oxidant supplements .

but the research published in the american journal of clinical nutrition supplement anti-oxidants proven less effect on the risk of metabolic syndrome, although consumed for seven more years.

study by Dr. Sebastien czernichow from INSERM, the French, that include 5220 respondents, average age 49 years, all chosen at random to take supplements of vitamins C and E, beta carotene, selenium and zinc

after 7.5 years, 263 respondents had seen sindorm metabolic, and no significant differences between respondents who took antioxidant supplements or placebo. A significant difference is only seen in respondents from the beginning of the study have levels of vitamin C and beta carotene in their blood high.

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